Pune to Goa : The Start…

I came back from the office on usual time but with a big wide smile on my face. Swati had made the food preparations and ensured that I eat early and go to sleep “before before” time.

I was never good at planning and always kept everything for the last minute till it scared the hell out of me and everybody around. This time, I was well prepared and equipped. Better than my last ride (Hyderabad-Pune) and a lot better than my first ride (Pune-Hyderabad).


After exploiting the zip of my back pack for N number times shuffling the stuff that would go in, around 12 pm I lied on the bed waiting for my mind to shut off. The excitement was at its peak and falling asleep was the toughest thing to do that weekday night which is quite unusual for an IT guy.

Wednesday Morning 5.45 am, I was all geared up and ready to get on my bike. Swati could see the big wide smile on my face. I waved bye and started my journey. Just after a few meters I set tripo to 0.

Riding through Pune city early morning was bliss. Not the usual bumper to bumper traffic, no unnecessary honking and very few rash drivers/riders. I could imagine how beautiful this city would have been in the “cycle” era.

Katraj Ghat arrived soon and the smile on my face got bigger and bigger with each turn. I told myself this is just the trailer and Amboli ghat will be the actual movie.

I quickly passed Katraj ghat and was on Pune – Kolhapur highway. The cold air in the morning kept the engine cool so I was not worried to keep the needle between 90 and 100. I know my Karizma could do better than this, but 90-100 is the space where I am comfortable in.

I tell this to everybody, not all bikers want to go fast. Some like to go easy and soak in the scenery along the way.


Next Part “Pune To Goa: The time on Highway.”

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