Pune To Goa: The time on the Highway


{The is the 2nd part in continuation to “Pune to Goa : The Start”}

I had decided to use the Asian Highway 47 (AH 47) upto Nipani (Karnataka) and exit it once I see hotel “Goa Ways” on my right. Till then, I had just kept the throttle open and the needle would laze around 90. Occasionally it would drop down on stretches where the road was under construction, before entering junctions or when there was traffic.

Reducing the speed on highways when you are cruising at high speeds can be scary if you get lazy or if you are not alert. I have experienced this first hand. Riding for long hours on multilane roads with great turmac, no sharp turns and no bumps can make you feel lazy. Losing your focus can turn fatal if you are suddenly surprised by any object or condition that needs you to slow down…. Fast!.

I keep my fingers on the right lever all the time, and take a look at both of the rear view mirrors on regular intervals. I hate rash drivers on my tail and I am happy to give them way ahead to make fool of themselves. I strictly avoid closely riding behind any vehicle linearly. My line is always on offset to ones ahead and mostly on the left side. This gives me a clear look on the path ahead and some space in case of panic breaking.

Even if I need to break hard, I hit the disc and shift down a gear and let the engine take control of the speed and this pattern continues till the bike comes to a halt if required. All this happens in seconds even before I realize it. I am not sure if this the right way to do it, but it works for me and for my 223cc Karizma.

On the way till Nipani, I took multiple breaks after every 50 kms, to breathe in fresh air or to sip tea. Tiredness is the worst enemy for a biker. If you feel tired, you should stop, get out of the helmet, remove your jacket and sip some water or Tea(and Parle –G). Don’t forget to click pictures. If you are alone, selfies will do. These will serve as a proof that you lived your life well when you turn old!


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