Don’t follow….blindly!

You are riding behind a cab on your 2 wheeler, as always in a hurry. You are waiting for an opportunity to overtake the cabbie. Then suddenly the cab makes a sharp adjustment on the road surprising you. And you are like WHAT THE…….even before you utter F, the front wheel of your ride is already in the pothole!

If at all you were riding with “Keep safe distance” thought, then maybe you could have seen the pothole and made quick adjustments. You cloud have ditched it; felt relieved and continued to ride with caution.

Else, even before you know, the wheels of your ride will be measuring the depth of the pothole and your spine will act as a measuring instrument while the amount of pain will decide the depth of the pothole for you.

Your brain will then make a good note of this. You then might ride cautiously behind the cab or you will continue measuring the depth of all the potholes and rough patches on the route.

The above case was still acceptable, but what if you lose your balance and make a fall? I assume you will be at least wearing a helmet (I mean full face helmet and not the fancy half face) and its strap fasted below your neck. If this is the case then, the chances of you managing to get back on your feet are good.

So don’t follow blindly. When riding behind a vehicle, keep safe distance. Use your senses and most importantly  “observe the path” of the vehicle in front of you.

Have you been in a close miss situation where you were about to overtake a vehicle and suddenly the vehicle takes a turn in the same direction? What went wrong there? May be you missed the blinkers (indicators, if they were at all working) or a hand signal. Or the driver of the vehicle was least bothered about vehicles behind him and just took the turn leaving everybody behind to their own mercy? In any case, was there anything that could have saved you? Yes ofcourse….“Your own Observation”!

Observe the lines and paths in which the vehicles are driven on the road. Since tinted windows are now banned (kudos to R.T.O), you can try and check what is the driver of the front vehicle up to. I am not joking , but I see at least 50% drivers use their phones in some way or the other while driving or riding and quite a few are in hurry. Such people can be identified by their own and their vehicle’s body language. They can surely hit and run over somebody even without realizing it.

Make such observations and you will see a change in your riding style. I call this as an attentive riding wherein you are not only aware of your own actions but also of those around you on the road. This will make your ride just a bit safe.

So next time when you get on the road with your ride “Don’t follow blindly”!

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