2 Wheels: Your gateway to freedom.

Learning to ride a cycle is a big milestone in everyone’s childhood and owning one was the greatest possession then. Cycle certainly is the first set of 2 wheels that help us to explore the city. Besides the daily trips between school, classes and back home; it becomes the integral part of your freedom to travel. Grab the keys and just pedal your way to liberty.

In college, you get a set of 2 wheels with a petrol motor on it. Temptation to bunk the lectures and zip-zoom in the city is irresistible. When there no bench to sit; the “seat” comes to your rescue so that you can continue the long talks with your dear friends. Be it the tasty chat spot, the sale at the mall, or just the visit to dams in the outskirts, everything is reachable by means of your 2 wheels.

You may upgrade your 2 wheels when you start receiving your pay cheques and then use it to commute between home and office. These rides are a perfect way to pull yourself back into the sane world from the always demanding and competitive world. Your bike is the gateway to the freedom from the monotonous life, be it late night solo rides or surprise late night visits to your date.

Your bike gets you independence from the mean Auto Rickshaws and Taxi Wallas and the ever crowded buses and trains. You are in complete control of your time and the route you wish to take. It empowers you to do more in the day besides the routine job.

The passion for riding is not confined only to the expensive Harley Davidson owners, even the humble scooty riders share the same passion. Riding bike is indifferent to religion, caste, color or gender. It treats everybody equally. People from different backgrounds ride together to amazing places and create memories to be cherished for lifetime.

Your 2 wheels are undoubtedly a powerful tool, but with it comes a responsibility. So ride to freedom but don’t overlook the safety and ride not only because you love it but also because you care for others who share the freedom and passion!

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