Pune to Hyderabad: Part-2

[Note:- The following article is based on my experience from September 2013, my first ever inter city solo bike ride.]

Post lunch, I was on the bike again. It was a 2 way road, mix of long stretches, up and down hills with twist and turns. And as I had hoped and prayed earlier, the road was covered with trees on  both the sides. Since it was mid afternoon, there was less traffic on the highway barring the trucks.

Whenever I wanted to overtake a truck, I would honk once or twice and a friendly hand would wave at me. It would either ask me to stop (and be patient) or give a signal that it is clear to zoom ahead. Once I overtook them, I would raise my hand and wave at them as a friendly gesture. They would in-turn would honk at me, not to irritate me but as a friendly gesture.

When we think about trucks and their drivers we think of cheap, arrogant and drunk. But during this ride, I realized that these drivers are human after all. So the common sense of “Give Respect And Get Respect “works here too.

I reached the end of Maharashtra and entered Karnataka. The change of state was evident not only from the language on the sign boards but also with the condition of the road. This was one of the worst roads I had ridden till date. The potholes were size of dinosaur’s pug marks. All the 3 and 4 wheelers were struggling and it caused a huge traffic jam.


2 wheelers however, rode from the extreme left side of the on the white line that marks the border of the road. In one straight line, I was following and was followed. I had to keep up with the pace of the local people who were cursing like Rossi on the white line. As company, I had a green Ninja  250R ahead of me. The registration number was MH-43, so I think he must have started from Mumbai. Unlike me he was all geared up.

We rode in this manner for approximately 60 km post which I decided to take tea break.


I parked the bike on a tea stall and got down of it. The folks sitting on the benches were staring at me and talking among themselves. There were 2 young boys were serving tea. I ordered for tea and and a packet of Parle-G. While the tea was served and I made few calls to friends and family and updated them with my location.

The 2 young boys came stood patiently in front of me till I finished my phone-work. Then they asked me where I came from and where was I heading. Feeling like a celebrity, I told them I rode all the way from Pune and was heading to Hyderabad. I was expecting a surprised reaction, but they just nodded their head and went back to their work.

I couldn’t resist but to call them and ask them if they see bikers like me very often. To which they said “Haan Sir, app jaise bohut log attey hai”.




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