Always Give Way To Ambulance. Empathize, Someday It Could Be You.


“Always Give Way To Ambulance. Empathize, Someday It Could Be You” says a board that is put by Kalyan on his bike.

I asked him some questions about it and here is what he had to say:-

Why did you put up this banner on your bike?

Every now and then we see an Ambulance struggling to pass through the traffic on our roads. The folks driving in the traffic or otherwise are least bothered. Those who are, say that there is very little they can do.

My cousin brother once meets with an accident early morning. The ambulance couldn’t reach the spot in time and the good samaritans had to transport him to the hospital in a vegetable carrier truck.

So I decided to put up this board on my bike. People put crazy stuff on the back of their vehicles which grabs a lot of attention. I decided to spread this message in a similar way.

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Do you think it is working?

Yes, it is. People notice this board and remember me. My friends and acquaintances tell me that every time they hear or see an ambulance, they remember the board and try and make way for the Ambulance. I am sure that there are lots of other people who do the same but who don’t know me. But what is important is, they make way for the ambulance.

Besides being spotted on the road, thanks to social media; the message is being spread and reaching to more people now. Even the PRESS approach me when they see the board and have interviewed me for their news channel and print media. I have a friend who has also put the same banner on his moped.

Even if 2 people out of 10 follow the message and make way for the ambulance, I would say I have got some positive and much-needed change that could save lives.


Is there anything more that you want to convey to the readers?

If there is an ambulance behind, stop on your left and park your vehicle making the way clear and easy for the ambulance. If the ambulance is struggling to pass by, you can get down on your feet and request other motorists to give way.

“Always Give Way To Ambulance” is part of common sense but it is hard to find these days. So to make my message strong, I have to tell people that “Empathize, Someday It Could Be You”.

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The below is short film made by Manasi Films in association with Pune Police which delivers Kalyan’s message beautifully.

About Kalyan (Kalyanaraman Venkatesan)

  • Kalyan has traveled extensively on his bike in India and is a very well know persona in the Indian biking community.
  • He is a core member of Street Sense (a joint initiative between various biking groups of Pune and the Pune R.T.O)
  • From past 2 years, he has been delivering guest lectures on Road and Helmet Safety.
  • A core member of VSSI (Vodafone Technology) CSR team
  • A volunteer with Robinhood Army
  • An active volunteer to collect and deliver funds during Nepal Earthquake and Chennai Floods
  • Runs a campaign called Mission Safer Roads



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