Review :DSG MotoMesh Gloves

I was looking for gloves under 1000/- (DSG MotoMesh are priced at 1050/-). They are listed on DSG website here. These are the first set of gloves that I bought, have used for approximately 8000 km over 1.5 years and they still quite a bit of life left in them.

Protection (3/10)

The description on the DSG website is very crisp and apt. These are short gloves (other would be full gauntlet). These are meant strictly for city rides where you observe speed limits and obey traffic rules. These have hard knuckle protection that feels very tough and can surely protect you knuckles in a low-speed crash. The Amara fabric is comfortable and also provides a sense of security if you happen to glide your palms on the tar during a fall. Expecting protection from these during a high-speed fall on a highway ride would simply be unrealistic.




Comfort (7/10)

I was under the impression that size M would fit me, but size L is what I finally bought. Hence, it is always advisable to check one size up as well. (This is one of the reasons why you should walk-in to a store and try the gear before you buy.)

The comfort quotient on these gloves is very high. I have used them for more than 12 hours on some days and never felt uncomfortable in them. The mesh between the fingers makes sure that the Air flows freely inside even in the hottest afternoon. However, these won’t stand a chance in the rain and in cold which is understood.



Air Vents



Durability (8/10)

The built quality, the material used and stitching feels premium.  Even the Velcro is of superior quality and locks the gloves firmly around your wrist. I have abused the velcro but it is still holding on pretty well.  It however, causes an issue with the riding jackets. The lower uncovered part of the Velcro (called as a hook) sticks to the inner sleeves (which work as a loop) of the riding jacket and ends up damaging it.

***DSG can re-design the “Loop” of the Velcro to completely cover or overlap the “Hook” so that it doesn’t screw inner linings of the jacket sleeves.



The exposed hook




  • Well designed and quality product meant for city riding
  • Ventilation is good.
  • The knuckle protection is strong and is very well placed


  • The exposed (hook) Velcro damages the inner part of the riding jacket

I would certainly recommend these for day to day city commute. Overall investing 1050/- in these gloves for city based riding is certainly great value for money. These are not only meant motorcycle riders but, even moped riders can benefit from them.

Have a happy and safe ride!

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