3 reasons why I don’t lend my bike to anybody


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It has been 3 years since I bought Hero Karizma R and just about 2 years that have decided to stick to bike riding (limited to touring as of now) as my passion. As a kid, I was mad about cars and bikes as toys and I still have a few them preserved. Even then I would hate to share them with any other kid and I think that was the reason that nobody liked to play with me.

Now, I share a love and hate relationship with my Karizma. Even then I am not comfortable with anybody asking to lend them my bike. The below 3 reasons explain it precisely:-

1. Nobody can love my bike as much as I do:-

Everybody who has known me for a while knows my bike is my prized possession. So I use the most expensive consumables available (petrol and engine oil) and the servicing is done before the scheduled date. I get the servicing done right in front me even if it that means spending half day at the service centre.

I reach office (and other places) 10 mins before time so that I can find a good parking spot even if that means I have to walk a mile back. Every time before starting my bike, I subconsciously count the number of scratches on it. Any fresh one(s) can potentially ruin my mood and the day.

I know a few people who love their bike more than this, but when it comes to riding somebody else bike, the same folks go crazy and wild screwing the bike in all possible ways.

Hence, nobody except myself can be trusted:)

2. The fear of a crash:-

This one of my worst fears in life! Crashing the bike not only means monetary loss but also invites frustration that includes waiting indefinitely for the parts to arrive if the local spare dealers don’t have it in stock. This is very well known fact of Karizma from day one. And since the divorce of Hero and Honda, the situation has became worse.

Imagine the scenario where you had to borrow somebody else’s bike to commute while yours is at the service centre for months. Not a good idea.

I have a known a couple of folks who loved their bikes, rode them hard and as I would expect, have crashed them ruining the alignment of the fork and the frame. These bikes get mended but then they don’t feel and ride the same as they were before. It is like the bike has lost its soul and the owners eventually sell them off for good.

I don’t wish to go through any of it!

3. Your trust in your bike:-

I love touring that includes riding to other cities, jungles and other remote areas where there are no concrete structures to be seen and humans are in limited number.

I do these with groups and sometimes solo. If you don’t trust your bike enough then don’t risk to going such places. The trust in your bike is developed as it grows older with you, when you ride it every day and by each service centre visit you make.

Bike is a machine after all made of different components and each component has its wear tear and its own shelf life. It takes immense effort to keep bike in mint condition as it grows older. Moreover, you bike has certain strengths and weakness and you should know when to push it and when to stay in limits.

It’s only then you can put complete faith in your bike and take it out for a 100+ km ride outside the city. The thought of looking for a mechanic to fix an issue in a deserted area scares me to the death.

Lending my bike to another person who doesn’t understand this will be a nightmare situation for me.

So does that mean I don’t ask of other people bike? Of course not! Whenever I meet a person who has an interesting or a new bike, I request him to lend me the keys for a short test ride. I let them decide. And whatever their call is, I am okay with it 🙂

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