One way in India is a Myth !

Every time I see a one-way sign, I get a little restless and more cautious. The one way supposedly means everybody enters the lane in one direction and can use all of the road without expecting anybody to drive in from the opposite side.

It is not rocket science to understand and digest this rule and certainly not difficult to follow. But sadly that is not the case here in India.

Here, the one-way lane sometimes looks pretty much same as a two-lane road !

Why is it so? I have tried to summarize my observations in below 5 points:-

1. Save time by taking the wrong side.

“Time is money” and most of us follow this mantra too seriously when on the road. Therefore, in the quest to save a couple of minutes, we do not hesitate to drive kilometers in the wrong direction expecting the in coming traffic to notice and make way for us.Hence, our roads are suicidal irrespective if you follow the traffic rules OR NOT!

2. “Everybody does that!”

“Everybody does that” is another mentality that we have. Just because the masses do so, we follow it without even thinking twice, irrespective if it is right or wrong.

There might not be a U-turn avaialabe till 500 meters, but then there will be a broken divider and everybody queues up there for a quick U- Turn, leaving the guys on other side to “adjust” to it. Tolerance in India you see !

Surprisingly, everybody accepts this as a “known” exception that becomes a part of the normal routine so much so that if a person happens to do the right thing (follow the traffic rules) he might get himself in trouble.

To which the onlookers would say “See what everybody does, what the hell were you doing ?”

3. Traffic rules don’t apply at night

I wonder who must have come up with this theory, but everybody seems to be strictly following it! This only confirms one thing, be extra cautious when riding-driving at night, especially on the one-way!

4.I am the BOSS, rules don’t apply for me

This is a special category of people who think they are VVIPs and rules don’t apply to them. Point them about their mistakes and you will end up cursing yourself for the rest of the day.

5. The sign boards

I see quite a lot of sign boards which are placed in mysterious ways making them impossible to be seen. Some of them are old and have gone faint which instead of providing with a clue, tend to confuse us. And there are others which lay upside down giving out exactly the opposite message.

The above scenarios and category of the people act as pain in the butt for those who follow rules and expect them same from others. But here is the thing,

Don’t expect everybody to follow rules. And so ride-drive with the confidence that there will be idiots who will break rules and you will meet and greet them in the most unexpected manner, place and time. One-way is certainly one of them.

So be careful when you enter that One-Way next time as One way in India is a Myth !



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