The story of missing studs and nuts

I am yet to complete the writing about the whole Pune – Kanyakumari – Pune experience. Somehow I have not been able to generate time and inclination towards writing any new articles on the blog. One of the reason was the treasure hunt that I did for about 2 months to procure a basic but rare 20 rs stud and nut for my bike. Read further to get enlightened.

After the 4700 km Kanyakumari trip, I took my bike for servicing at the usual authorised Hero Service centre namely Gavankar motors- Kharaidi. The supervisor named Digambar knows my bike well enough as it is over 2 years that I get my bike serviced here. Normally, the servicing goes without any hassle and I don’t to have worry about anything. However, this time, it was different. I was told that the 2 studs and nuts that secure the silencer to engine head are missing and that they currently don’t have them in the stock.

I was told that the silencer might just come off and the bike will sound like a NASA rocket trying to take off to Mars. However, they told me that the studs and the nuts might have fallen off somewhere on my return journey from Kanyakumari and since the silencer is holding on fine, it is ok to ride for a couple of days till the studs and nuts are available.

I rode back thinking to myself, “Big deal, I will visit another (a bigger) service centre tomorrow, get the stud and nut fixed and I will be done“. However, it did not go the way I had imagined it to be. At least in terms of time and efforts.

I visited all possible service centres that I could on my way to the office every day but all in vain. By this time, I was getting restless. Getting hold of a silly nut and bolt was feeling like a treasure hunt that I cannot afford to lose.I was told to contact the spare parts dealer Parts Cottage and Geeta Spares both in Nana- peth. Result – Negative !

I had called up most of the Hero service centres in Pune. A few ones promised me that they will have the parts in a week’s time. But nothing came up even after a month. By this time, I had asked a few Karizma friends in Mumbai to look for it, but even they couldn’t find it.

For 2 entire months of Jan and Feb, the only thing I would think about in my free time was how to get this rare than diamond stud and nut of my bike.

I had checked all the possible automobile spare shops in the city, even tried stud and nut from other brands but no luck.

All other models and manufacturers use an 8-mm diameter studs while Karizma and only Karizma uses 7-mm. Dear HeroHonda, what were you thinking ?

I had stopped using my bike in fear of the silencer falling off in the month of Jan itself. That meant driving to the office every day happened in the Car (the experience which I hate the most) or riding my wife’s Activa. Absolutely no weekend bike rides 🙁 .

One day however, I visited Singh Motors at Bund Garden for a follow-up and found the below poster.


Hero Feedback Poster


I wrote an e-mail to Mr. Sadik Sagar ( and Mr. Suhas Chaudhary  ( and explained them how difficult it is to fetch a simple stud and nut. Mr. Sadik promptly replied to the e-mail and advised a person named Anand from Shegal Hero (Chinchwad) to arrange for the parts. It took a couple of days and the part was ordered from Hero’s spares manufacturer directly I suppose. Nevertheless, my friend Kushal was kind enough to pick the part from Shegal Hero during his office hours.


Everything looks good !


This is the first time in 3 years that I regretted buying Karizma and even thought of selling it off at one point of time to save myself from the frustration of procuring parts. But then time has a knack of testing everything including your love for your bike !

Also selling off an one lakh rupee, 225cc, good looking and comfortable bike for unavailability of 20 rupee part  is something that only impulsive idiots can do ! 


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