Review : Biking Brotherhood Shoes – Stay away from them

The Biking Brotherhood is a Chennai based manufacturer. They make Shoes, Gloves ,Jackets, Race suits etc.

This review is based on my experience with the BB White Racing shoes. Let us get straight to the business then!


  1. Comfort: I have done around 6000 km with these shoes that includes 17 hours ride in one day. The shoes are high on comfort without any doubt.
  2. Safety: The manufacturers claim that shoes are made up of leather. Once you slip your feet in, the protective guards on this ankle length shoe nicely secure your feet. There is also a detachable metal slider. However there no product descriptions tag available with the product.
  3. Colour: The white colour with silver reflecting lining makes these shoes clearly stand out at night. An excellent feature for night riding.
  4. Price: At 8000k, these are among the few affordable ankle length shoes available in India.


  1. Non-water proof: As I said above, the Biking Brotherhood claims that these are made up of pure leather and if these shoes taste water then they are certainly screwed. The below pictures should give you an idea.

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    These shoes may be good for track days as the company claims, but most of us will be riding our bikes on highways and certainly in the rain. If you are a serious tourer, don’t even think of buying these.

  2. Durability: Mainly due to leather chipping off and stitches losing the plot, my shoes went for repair for more than 3 times. I had literally had to keep the shoe together with cello tape on the way back from Kanyakumari trip. Do I need to speak more ?

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  3. After sales service: The guys at Biking Brotherhood will patiently hear you out, but will offer no help in terms of solving your problem. And if you happen to soak your shoes in the rain and the shoes starts to tear off, throw them in a bin. Don’t even bother to call them.
  4. The dealers: There is a big disconnect between the dealers who are selling these shoes and the Biking Brotherhood guys. The Probiker Shop, Camp-Pune, the place where I purchased these shoes from confidently told me that the shoes are waterproof. (As in one can ride in the rain but not walk with them in a swimming pool.)

After spending 8000/-, the so-called built for racetrack shoes did not even hold itself together on 4700 km road trip. Biking Brotherhood has termed my case as a miss sold product by Pro Biker.

Whatever might be the case, it was my hard earned money that I ended up wasting. I sincerely request you to not to follow the same. I am looking for new pair of riding issues. Suggestions are most welcomed.

7 thoughts on “Review : Biking Brotherhood Shoes – Stay away from them

  1. Try with solace boots…its again bangalore based…again in their website mentioned…its water ressistant nd nt water proof..check that product bro..nd they hv shoe bag or protector which u can wear in rainy season to protect them

    1. Hi Sushil,

      I checked the Solace’s website. They seem to have 2 full length shoes named Kinetic and Threshold.
      Kinectic shoes page does not have any product description while Threshold has some.

      Which one did you buy ? Did the Shoe cover(for rain) came with the shoes ?

      As of now, I am using Track Breed shoes ( I will be writing a review about them soon.

      1. I was talking abt threshold..these are water resistant nd u can buy boot cover as well for rainy season. I hv asked several you tubers as well to make review on it lets see

          1. Hi Sushil,
            Unfortunately, I have not a got a chance to test Solace boots.
            I have bought TBG boots and right on first ride, it was down pouring.
            The boots held really well and I have clocked 7,000+ km on them.

        1. Hi Krishna,
          Thanks for your question and sorry for late reply.
          A review of TBG is in the pipeline. You can also connect with my over WhatsApp here : 7767010796 and I will be glad to help you.

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