Review : Bikestuff Motorcycle Gear Shift Collar

The Bikestuff Shoe protector was an effective tool that saved my shoes from the gruesome torture of the gear lever. Things were very good while I was using it only with my office shoes that have a narrow profile. However, I also started using itwith my causal shoes that have a broader profile.

As a result of this dual torture, the shoe protector lost is elasticity and one fine day ditched me by falling of the shoe while I riding to office.

After I posted the previous article, one of my bike rider friend Bashab Bhattacharjee suggested the Bikestuff Motorcycle Gear Shift Collar for the same purpose. However, back then I had already invested in the shoe protector so I didn’t bother about it until few weeks back. Here is my review of  Bikestuff Motorcycle Gear Shift Collar after using for a couple of weeks :-


It acts as a cushioning material between the metal surface of the gear lever and the soft surface of the shoe, so that the shoe does not get damaged with “those up shifts“.

The gear shift collar slides on the gear lever instead on your shoe as against the of Shoe Protector. So there is no need to carry it with you, it is simply there on the bike!

It works well irrespective of the type shoe unlike in the case of Shoe Protector.

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The surface that makes contact with the shoe has small dots that I assume are intentionally designed for grip, but it acts like a slow poison to the shoes that have a velvet sort of surface. But shoes that are are made of leather or net material do not have any issues.

Priced at 270/-, it might sound a bit expensive, but this well made piece of rubber does protect your shoe that may cost couple of thousands.

If you think it it worth buying, you can order it from here. If you have used it and want to share your views, please post in the comments section below.

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