Day 3: Ooty to Kodaikanal (250km)


<<Day-2 : Shimoga to Ooty (520kms)

Route : Wellington (Ooty) – Kotagiri -Udumalpet – Kodaikanal (250km)


After riding for 17 hours on previous day, we had decided to start the day a bit late and we left Wellington at 11 am. Riding around Wellington we saw the first glimpse tea plantation.

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We were climbing down the ghat via Kotagiri and the 50 kms downwards that looked like this:-


It took us close 2 hours to reach the plateau, but we had time of our lives going around the corners. So much so that at the end of it our shoulders started paining. This road surely can qualify for TT race in India!

The road thereafter was straight like a ruler accompanied with windmills along side.  At around 2 pm we started looking for a good restaurant to fuel ourselves up. We stopped for couple of places but it was either the hygiene or the menu that kept us away.  The target of 250 kms for today as against the 530 yesterday meant we could afford to loose sometime to look for good food.

By 3.30 just we found a decent restaurant with good parking space. It was all women run mess that served rice plate with fish. We both sat down and enjoyed the tastiest meal so far on a banana leaf .It was by far the cleanest mess I ever visited. The lady owner of the all women run mess was inquisitive about our journey (and especially with Shohrat 😀 ). She requested us to join the Mess’s facebook fan page as we left!

Post lunch the ride was lazy and road was covered with coconut tress on both the sides which invited us to stop and click pictures. This was the day when I realized how bad I was at clicking pictures while Shohrat excelled in it. Hence, he has clicked some amazing pictures for me but unfortunately he suffered 🙁  

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 By 5.30 pm we were are the foothills of Kodaikanal. As we started riding up the ghat, the air became colder, the view became interesting, the twisty roads were back while the sun started packaging up for the day.

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By the time we finished clicking these pictures, the sun was already gone and we were riding up towards Kodaikanal in dark. Our conversations on bluetooth intercom about how Britishers had shaped India kept us alert will rode carefully on the narrow road upwards in the drizzle.

As soon as we entered Kodiakanal, we started looking for a good dinner place and soon we found one. We decided to reach the hotel, undo our luggage and then ride back to the dinner place. I decided to ditch my Karizma and I rode Shohrat’s Thunderbird towards the dinner place. In these 3 days, I kept wondering how Shohrat managed to maneuver such a heavy bike with 3 times as much luggage as mine.

After riding his bike that night, it was clear to me, “It was less to do with machine and more to do with the skills ”

Day 4: Kodaikanal to Rameswaram (280 km)>>

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