Day 4 : Kodaikanal to Rameshwaram (282 km)

<<Day 3 : Ooty to Kodaikanal (250km)

Route : Kodaikanal – Madurai – Paramakudi – Rameswaram (280 km)


By Day-4 we had got into a good rhythm. Get up early in the morning, get ready, mount the bags on the bike and start riding. This was different than our usual 9-6 chaotic life.

Both of us had selected different luggage systems. Shohrat had one set of Rynox Nomad Saddle bags for his clothes, Cramster Turtle tank bag that included his tab and DSLR camera and one duffel bag that carried the tool kit and spares. He was all set to ride his bike around the world!

I on other hand, had managed to pack most of my stuff in Viaterra Claw and was dependent on Shohrat for directions and tool kit. The mounting system for each of the 3 bags is very different but they get strapped on the bike in no time and stay that way all along the day.

We started our Day-4 ride by riding along the Kodaikanal lake and then riding through the Pine forest to visit the Pillar rocks point. The view from this point was simply breath taking. This was time that I discovered that my riding shoes have started giving up.

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By the time we finished our city tour and breakfast, the temperature had started rising and as we rode down the hill leaving Kodiakanal behind, it was unbearably hot and remained that way all day long. We happened to halt at a roadside shed to drink some coconut water and followed next completely surprised us. The coconut vendor was a woman busy working on her laptop in the roadside shed, attended us while her baby was sleeping in a make shift cloth cradle! Women in South India a seriously crazy 😀

We resumed our ride on the straight highway that lacked any scenery. For the most of the time we kept the throttled rolled ON cruising between 90-110 speed and trying not to fall asleep. Shohrat did fall asleep as soon as we got down of our bike to have a sip of tea.


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When your mind has nothing to entertain, it plays tricks with you in the most bizarre manner. For my mind it was my Karizma’s chain. The whole day I kept checking if the chain was loose and if it will break off while I am doing 100 km/hr on the busy the highway. I tried calming my mind by visiting a Hero service center. (fortunately Hero has a service center in every possible town in the country). The service center guys were awe of us and they attended my bike very well.

Back on rode, the sun was packing up for the day and we were racing against time to reach Rameswaram in day light so that we could ride pass the Pamban Road Bridge which connects India mainland to Rameswaram on Pamban Island. Though the evening ride was ridiculously dangerous, but the ride over the bridge into the Rameswaram was beautiful.

Rameswaram was crowded to say the least. We learnt that the beginning of every year, there are 13 days which are supposed to be auspicious to visit the famous temple in Rameswaram. And we had arrived in between the same period. Hence all the hotels were jam packed and after a bit of hunting we got a good deal and we unloaded our stuff in the room.

Day was not just over for me yet. As my bike had clocked 1800 km since last service, I rode till the nearest Hero service centre (that I remembered passing by) and got the basic servicing done. My mind again forced me to disclose my discomfort with the chain to the mechanic. Taking a note of it, the mechanic tighten the change to the fullest assuring me that I can now ride peacefully till Pune, something that just itched my mind more.

I rode back to the hotel, ate dinner with Shohrat and decided to call it off for the day agreeing to get up early next morning to witness sun rise from the famous Dhanushkodi point! Here is the glimpse of what’s coming next 🙂




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