How To : Drive- Ride- Walk safely in parking lots !

Parking lots have been a necessity for every one of us. Be it our home, office, the big and happening shopping mall or the famous chat joint; finding a parking spot for bike or car has become a matter of luck. The situation is going to become worse considering the amount of vehicles that are being purchased which is currently in lakhs per month in India.

Like the roads, even the parking lots have become chaotic. Their “world-class” design, poor lighting and meaningless sign boards coupled with idiotic drivers; parking lots now have become more accident prone that ever.

I have tried to put down some thoughts that might save you some trouble the next time you Drive- Ride- Walk into one:-

  1. Start Early. We Indians proudly follow The Indian Standard Time and happily joke about. But things on the road (or rather everywhere) are getting worse. We need to fight for every inch of the space on the road and parking spots are no different. So start early and arrive early. Trust me, there is an immense peace of mind when you know that you will be reaching your destination on or before time and finding the parking space empty.
  2. Drive slow. How much ever the empty parking lot might excite you, drive slow. Busy souls might appear in front of your driving from opposite or wrong side. Not to forget those cell phone addicts who are busy replying or playing Pokemon\PUBG.  The slower you are, the more time you have to react and save yourself !
  3. Make yourself visible. Turn ON the headlights and the hazard lights. Even if you miss to spot somebody, you being shining like a bright star would not go unnoticed.
  4. It is okay to Honk ! Honking with short intervals will alert folks who are lazy to look back or rely on the parking sensors to drive backwards. Just don’t overdo it.
  5. Turn Off the stereo and roll down the windows. If riding, open up the visor of your helmet. Like you are trying to make your presence felt, there is somebody else doing the same. Pay attention and hear them out.
  6. Follow the attendant’s commands. Most parking places have attendants who are aware parking situation and will guide to the free parking spot. Follow their commands and directions even if the sign boards say otherwise. This is India. It is seldom that the directions mentioned on the board will match with the real picture.
  7. Keep that phone in the pocket. Whether you are driving, riding or walking, please don’t be engrossed in your phone. Everybody is tired of the people who are lost in their phone all the time. We may just crash into you just to get you out of that screen and teach you a lesson for life.

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