4 reasons why you shouldn’t mess with a Cab Driver !

Cabs are everywhere these days, aren’t they ? Be it the everyday commute to the office or weekend travel to buzz places in the city or zooming to catch a flight, train or bus. Cabs have made life simpler; with the mobile apps, it is easy than ever to book a cab especially when you don’t own a car or cannot drive. Well that is the bright side.

At the other side of the story, there are people who are frustrated by the nuisance caused by the cab drivers. Having said that, losing your temper on them is the last thing you should do. Let us find out why ?

1. It is their job. And very few folks love their job.

Imagine yourself driving around the city the whole day to make a living. The horrible traffic, the non-existent sense of road and driving skills, the constant abuses. Would you remain sane by the end of the day and look forward to work next morning ?

2. They are the Masters on the road. Don’t try to teach them a lesson.

They know every trick of racing ahead, jumping the signals or breaking the traffic rule without getting caught by cops. Don’t try to beat them in their own game, you won’t succeed.

Also, not only are they rough behind the wheel but are also when it comes to spitting abuses or throwing punches. Don’t get into quarrels with them, trust me, you will regret getting into a fight.

3. Cab drivers are always pissed and are always in a hurry.

Let us be honest, we don’t treat drivers with the respect they deserve. This is evident from the treatment they get from the cab boarders. Very few of them consider them as humans and respect their time. Most of us want them to drive to our destination in quickest possible time. Moreover we are not shy to hurl abuses at them.

So next time you see a cab driver in anger and in hurry, give him way, he might be struggling with his day!

4. Time is money.

You rather be reach your destination on time for the important task of the day than wasting your time and energy arguing with them which you are not going to win. It is like putting your money on the bet that you know for sure you are going to lose.


I urge you to talk to the cab drivers when you get time and an opportunity to do so. You will be surprised to know the stress levels they are subjected to, only to realize that not bothering them on the road is one of the good things you could do for them and for yourself!

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