Review : Motul 5100 4T 10W30

For 3 or so years, I have been playing safe with engine oil for my bike. I have been using the Hero’s 4T 10w30 engine oil that is being poured in by default during the servicing. For the last service, however, I decided otherwise.

Hero recommends 10 w30 grade, so I was on look out for oil of the same grade but from a different manufacturer. Soon I learned that there are 3 types of oils:-

  1. Mineral based
  2. Semi-synthetic
  3. Fully synthetic

This video from Motorcyclist Magzine’s MC garage made a lot of sense. I decided to go for Semi Synthetic Ester based oil. Among the variety of Oil brands available, I have been reading and listening to a lot of hype about Motul products. I tried procuring it from local dealers but since I had no luck with them,  I ordered it from Amazon.

Here is how the Ester based semi-synthetic Motul 5100 10w30 turned out on my Hero Karizma R.

Engine Refinement

My Karizma’s engine is surely running smooth and doesn’t feel strained when revved high. The vibrations have certainly reduced. I felt the engine was less stressed especially riding uphill in the ghats and during quick overtaking.

Clutch and Gear functioning

Earlier with Hero’s 4T oil, early morning gear shifts were hard and clunky until I covered some distance. I suppose Hero’s oil requires a certain temperature for smooth functioning which would happen after riding for a couple of kilometers.

This is not the case with Motul. Start the engine, let it idle for a couple of minutes and you are good to go. The gear shifts, in general, have become smooth to some extent.


Since the engines revs smoothly, you will be tempted to twist the throttle more than making the bike leap forward quicker than usual.

High speed

I was surprised how quick and effortlessly I managed to get the needle into the 3 digits on the dial and it happily stayed there, especially on broad highways.

Motul 5100 certainly is a treat to your bike,  you and your bike will certainly enjoy it 🙂  Provided that you ready to pay the premium price for the treat!

Hero’s 4T 10w30 costs: 316 /-

Motul 5100 10w30 costs: 575 /- at Amazon

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