Pune – Ganpatipule – Pune : A visit to Grandparents – Part 2

This is post is in continuation to Pune – Ganpatipule – Pune : A visit to Grandparents – Part 1

While travelling, I make a point to discuss the next day’s plan with my travel buddies before hitting the bed and keep repeating it my mind till I fall asleep. It serves 2 benefits. 1. Discussing the plan helps me and my travel buddies to be ready on time and prepared for the next day’s adventure. 2. Repeating the plan in my mind helps me to prepare my mind to get into an auto pilot mode. It is like writing a computer program for your mind. Once executed, it knows what action it needs to do at what time! Even on this ride, I followed the same strategy.

On Day 2 (Sunday) morning, I woke up early so that I could spend some quality time with my Mom’s family. Post the lazy Sunday breakfast, Swapnil and I started our ride to Chiplun that was 60 km away by 11 am as decided.

Bike rides post 10 am are always an issue because for following reasons:-

  1. Thanks to the heat, you tends to sweat like a pig in the riding suit. The air struggles to enter the vents of the riding suit at  low speeds. Hence you are tempted to maintain high speeds.
  2. Maintaining good speed becomes difficult as the traffic on road is at its peak.
  3. Do excessive sweating, you need to take frequent breaks to hydrate yourself.

Due to all the above factors you end up covering less distance in comparison with early morning rides.

Road from Devrukh to Sangameshwar (the intersection to Mumbai-Goa highway) was in pathetic condition due to the rains. While I was carefully manoeuvring bike around the potholes, Swapnil was pushing his bike (Pulsar 200 NS) more than usual, so much so that I started to get worried.  Pulsar 200 NS has fatter tyres and they certainly soak the bumps better than Karizma’s not so fat ones. But that didn’t seem to be the reason he was riding like a maniac. As soon we reached Sangameshwar I signaled him to stop at a petroleum to fuel up. It is then I understood that Swapnil was irritated with the winter lining inside his jacket which was making him really uncomfortable with sweat. Once the lining was removed he was back to riding like Swapnil that I was aware of.

Since it was Ganesh festival, the Mumbai – Goa highway was jam-packed as folks from Mumbai were either travelling to their native place in Konkan or for a vacation to Goa. Even though we were on bikes, getting caught up in the traffic jams was irritating. By 1 pm, we arrived at my grand mother’s home in Chiplun.

Tired of riding in the sun and frustrated with traffic, grand mom’s food lightened up our day. After much-needed rest and grand mom’s pampering, we left Chiplun by 3 pm. We were told that road from Chilpun to Karad via Patan is currently in miserable condition and it turned out to be true. However, the scenic view that it had was worth all the efforts. At certain spots, we couldn’t resist ourselves to take a break and enjoy the view.

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It is an irony that people living around these scenic views have an attraction of the flashy malls of our cities. We, the city dwellers on other hand are drive-ride down to enjoy these views. These are the views that make us realize how lifeless our concrete jungles and office cubicles are.

In the quest to fool ourselves, we make a false attempt to capture these scenic views using our “latest” gadgets. This view then becomes a wallpaper or a profile picture doing zero justice to the view experienced through the eyes.

By 6 pm were on the 4 lane Banglore – Pune highway away from the mountains and heading towards ‘urban civilization’. The good part was that we were on our bikes and not inside a cage with 4 wheels. We stopped at hotel Rohit just before Shivapur for dinner. Discussing the last 2 days, we were surprised how they just flew while remembering the amount of fun we had in those 48 hours riding our bikes and meeting our grandparents.

After the yummy dinner and hot coffee to keep our senses and reflexes working we started resumed the last leg of our ride. As soon as we entered the outskirts of Pune, we witnessed the familiar chaotic traffic scene and idiotic riding-driving skills that were on display in abundance. After riding for 700 odd km, these are the last things you wish for.  The only motivation that we though was the picture of us hitting the bed for a good night sleep. We reached the spot where both of us had to take different routes to home. Before riding solo, we thanked each other and made a promise that A visit to our Granparents is a must, even if it is once in a year and there is no better way to do it then on Bike !

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