Review : 3M Car Care Microfibre Cloth

Whether you are a person who prefers to wash his ride all by himself or has hired a person (mostly your watchman) to wash your car or bike; it’s time you should quit using the roadside yellow cloth or the pieces of the used expensive t-shirts to wash your vehicle.  If you are serious about maintaining that shiny look of the paint on our vehicle then use should seriously consider buying and using the  3M Car Care Microfibre Cloth.

Here is why ?

  1. There is a variation on the amount of dust or mud (in rain) that settles on each area of your vehicle. The area near the tires and that is closer to the ground is the dirtiest while areas such as bonnet and rear door (for cars) and petrol tank (for bikes) as relatively less dirty.
  2. The mistake that should be thoroughly avoided while washing your vehicle is to rinse the cloth thoroughly every time with water after you have wiped the dirtiest part before moving to relatively cleaner parts.  This is to ensure the dust particles stuck on the cloth are washed away and does not end up scratching the paint in the wiping and cleaning process.
  3. The above point is easier said than done. Hence we see the thin circular lines on the paint of our vehicles which are scratches caused due to rubbing of the dust particles against the paint during the washing process.
  4. It is impossible to rinse the cloth to have no dust particles stuck to it, nor will the person you hired to wash your vehicle will put enough efforts to do so!
  5.  The 3M Car Care Microfibre Cloth can bring some relief to the eroding paint of our vehicle on every wash. This cloth acts a dirt magnet and picks up dust better than the usual clothes.
  6. That is not it, rinsing away this caught dust in water is a child’s game with this Microfibre cloth. As a result, less or no dust is stuck on the cloth saving the paint from any scratches.
  7. If you are not washing your vehicles yourself, then it is a good idea to provide to this micro fibre cloth to the person whom you have hired.

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Verdict: At 150 /- (available at the 3M shops), this cloth is far away far from being cheap. But if you are very serious about the paint of your vehicle then I think it is a money well spent !

This microfibre cloth is also available at amazon here.


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