Review : Motul 102992 M1 Helmet and Visor Cleaner

My Helmet has become an integral part of my 2 wheel commutes. Having learned about the benefits of wearing one, I am quite happy and proud about this habit of mine. So be it  the solo rides or accompanying somebody as a pillion, I don’t step out of the house without it.  Due to this extreme use,  it tends to get dirty, especially the visor. Dirty helmet body is still manageable, but cloudy visor can act as a pain, especially at night when the dirt on it disperses the light in a prismatic manner making riding highly dangerous.

The helmet visor a dirt magnet. On usual days, I have my finger prints all over it even after every 2 days of cleaning it. During rains, the frequency of cleaning increases to daily thanks to those folks who don’t have a mud flap on the rear of their vehicles. On highways rides, I need to clean the visor in about every 100 km and especially during the evening time when the visor becomes a graveyard for the dead flies!

I have been using the age old known Colin glass cleaner or the laptop cleaning solution (both costing less than 100/-) to clean my helmet. While I was on a shopping spree preparing for the Kanyakumari trip, I happened to come across Motul’s helmet cleaner on amazon here. At 600/- it certainly expensive than the alternatives mentioned above so I went through the reviews and learned that it not only cleans the helmet but also leaves behind a refreshing sort of fragrance on it. The fragrance was the sole USP for which I bought it and have been using it since then. Following is the review is based on my usage for past 11 months and roughly 8000 km !

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Cleaning properties (5/5)) : It works better than other products that I mentioned before. The cleaning solution cleans the dirt without needing any rubbing effort from you. Plus, I noticed that if you spray it and wipe it off quickly (use a soft cloth to do so) it leaves a greasy film which acts as an anti-insect coating. This helps you to easily wipe off the flies and insects as they don’t get stuck deep due to the coating.

The bottle design (5/5) : The bottle is purposefully built. It is strong, has a functional spray nozzle that comes a with a lock making sure that solution does not leak out.

Motul 102992 M1 Helmet and Visor Cleaner - Nozzle with a lock
Nozzle with a lock

The fragrance (5/5): As I mentioned before this was the sole reason I ordered it in the first place. I find the fragrance good, but it might not work for folks who are allergic to strong fragrances.

I have also learned that the usual glass cleaners do more harm to the helmet shell. With this and the points I discussed above, I would recommend the Motul 102992 M1 Helmet and Visor Cleaner to anybody who is serious about cleaning his helmet !

This product is meant to clean the helmet from outside. The Motul 102993 M2 Helmet Interior Cleaner should be used to clean the helmet from inside.


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