Review: DSG Phoenix Waterproof Jacket: Red [TXCJ014R]

After making the first purchase of DSG MotoMesh Gloves, I was on look out for a good riding jacket. Starting with Google research, followed by multiple visits to the DSG store and after trying out their multiple jackets, I made the decision to buy the DSG Phoenix Waterproof Jacket. It has been 2 years and 20,000 km since then and I continue to use it on a daily basis that includes daily commute to the office and occasional long touring escapes.

Before I continue about the pros and cons of this jacket,  I urge you to go through the below video about Armor and Protection that is very well explained on


Below are my thoughts about the DSG Phoenix  Jacket.

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Build quality: 4/5

This is a textile jacket which is build using 600D polyester material. The jacket feels strong and sturdy and the built quality is excellent. The YKK zippers all over the jacket work very well. The overall stitching quality is good, but for my jacket, the stitching around the wrist area inside the jacket has ripped off.

DSG Phoenix Jacket stitching issue
DSG Phoenix Jacket stitching issue

Fitting: 5/5

The jacket with correct size fits perfectly fine and inspires confidence. The curved design near the elbow area is immensely helpful to support the support rider’s elbow during long rides. There are adjustable velcro straps around the hip and around the arms.  There are also adjustable straps around the fore arms but instead of velcro, they are buttoned style with 2 level of adjustment.

There is also a zipper below the hip on the backside to attached the riding pant to the jacket.

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Protection: 4/5

As you must have seen in the above video, in terms of protection for shoulders and arms, the CE certified protection is either 1 or Zero (Yes or No). This jacket comes with CE protectors which are of good quality and are placed inside the jacket at strategic locations surely to benefit the rider in case of a fall.

There is not back protection. There is a temper foam based back support inside the back protector pocket which can be swapped with a back protector for extra and much-required protection. I think to keep the cost of the jacket low, DSG has excluded the back protector.

All the armour inside the jacket is held in place by very well stitched pockets and are easily removable when the jacket needs to be washed.

Among all the DSG jackets, this jacket scores high points on night time visibility for me. It has beautifully designed and well placed reflective stripes on the front and behind the jacket.

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Ventilation: 3/5

There are in total 5 air vents. 2 on the shoulders, 2 on the back side just above the hips on either side and one big vent on the back. At high speeds on highways, these vents work well, but in ghat sections when the speeds drop, they are sort of useless. In humid and hot conditions, the ventilation in the jacket is terrible, to say the least. There is no option but to pull down the front zip a little allowing some air to circulate within the jacket.

The case is not different during city rides and the things get worse when you are carrying a backpack on your back like I do during my commute to the office.

In cold and winter conditions, however, the jacket insulates your body well from outside temperature so much so that you can skip the removable winter lining that comes with the jacket. This lining is made of wool which feels itchy and irritates the hell out of you.

So far I have not come across any textile-based jacket which is 100% water proof and this jacket is no different. This jacket is not waterproof in any terms. This is a water resistant jacket which means that you can use it under light showers. For me, light showers in a ride have always turned into heavy rains, wherein the water has dripped inside the jacket especially through the zippers sections.

If you want to use it in heavy rains, I suggest you  get yourself a Quechua Rain Jacket or any rain wear from any other brand which a size up than your normal size and wear it over this jacket

DSG after-sales and service: 32/5

I bought this jacket from Planet DSG on MG Road Pune. Before the purchase, the salesman seemed to be very helpful making the buying experience delightful. However, same cannot be said about the after sales service especially if you visit them to get your riding gear repaired.

Riding gear such as jackets, gloves, pants and shoes are made to protect you when you fall and to take the abuse. It is but obvious that they are going to suffer in the process. It also true that you will have to get them repaired and reaching out the place you bought it from is the first thing you will do, as I did in the case the Biking Brotherhood shoes and in the case of DSG Nero pants. The stitching with the DSG Nero pants was ripped off for couple of centimeters and the pants were out of the warranty. The salesmen at the DSG planet did entertained me but charged a boom to get them repaired with no bill produced for this work. This makes me wonder if I was over charged and that if the salesmen made quick money from it.

The stitching with the DSG Nero pants was ripped off for a couple of centimetres and the pants were out of the warranty period. The salesmen at the DSG planet did entertain me but charged a boom to get them repaired with no bill produced for this work. This makes me wonder if I was over charged and that if the salesmen made quick money from it.

The point I want to make is that the after sales service is average at planet DSG Pune and there a huge scope for improvement.

To sum it up, the DSG Phoenix jacket is an excellent product if you are okay with it being non-water proof and are ready to live with  its poor ventilation especially in hot and humid conditions. But having said that, these shortcomings are due to the fact that, this jacket belongs to the family of textile jackets.

I bought this jacket for 6000/- 2 years back and I see the price now has increased to 7000/-. It will sound cheap only if you imagine yourself meeting an accident with no riding jacket and looking at the hospital bill with those broken bones. If you weigh the idea of injuries without any jacket with that the discomfort this jacket creates, it is only wise to choose the later!

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