Why should you ditch your ride once in a while

Ditch Your Ride

Why do we buy vehicles ? There are many answers to it but I am sure the most common one would be the convenience of travelling from point A to point B. These points could be home and office on weekdays, picnic spots or parents house in a different city on weekends and etc. Having your own vehicle gives you the freedom of  leaving or arriving at a time you choose to and at the place your desire to. Lately however, I have realised the beauty and peace of mind one is entitled to when you ditch your vehicle for a day or two. I have learned this a bit late and in a hard way. I have noted down a few instances which have got me to this realisation of when it is good idea to ditch your ride. Read along!

First car accident:-

I started driving the car at the age of 14. I have been careful all through these years and proudly carried the badge of zero accidents till the July 2016. In July 2016, I was ill, down with cold and fever and terribly weak. For 4 days my condition didn’t improve and my family members decided that enough is enough and I should see a doctor. My wife suggested that we should hire a rickshaw, the idea that I egoistically trashed away.

We sat in the car in the parking, I put the gear in reverse and pressed the gas pedal and completely missed the RCC beam on the left. The rear door had a french kiss with the beam. This beam was not new to me. I have been careful with it every time until this day. In grief, I was trying to digest the fact and to an arriving to a conclusion. What went wrong?

Due to sickness, the part of my brain that does the speed, time and space distance calculation was on leave.  It didn’t take me long enough to realise that it was my ego and over confidence. The dent on my ego was bigger than that on the car. The repair bill also confirmed the same. And yes, my wife was right all throughout! I should have just listened to her and hired a rickshaw or called for a UBER. A learning for next time maybe ?

The stress of commuting :

As I mentioned before, having your own vehicle should be convenient right ? Certainly it is, but thanks to this thought everybody is buying one and cities and highways are full with private vehicles crawling bumper to bumper. The “relaxed” norms for obtaining a driver’s license in our country in not helping either. As a result, driving the car on the streets of our country is a stressful affair.  [This article by overdrive is well written.]

On our weekend visits to the shopping malls, restaurants or movie theatres, this commuting business use to kill all the mood. Unknowingly, I had made a few strict guidelines that others in the car should follow while I was driving. That included no screaming on top of your voice, no loud stereo and no questions to be asked. My wife saw it as a warning sign and insisted that we should explore the option of UBER. It does work! I strongly suggest that you should try them at least once. You not only arrive the party scene with enthusiasm but will also reach back home with good vibes!

Taxi service abroad:

In the month of November 2016, I had my first overseas trip and the lucky place was Dubai. For the 5 days that I stayed there, I roamed most of the places in Taxis or in the hired cars. This may sound normal for most of you, but for a person like me, who is use to driving his own vehicle throughout the country is an extraordinary feat. Since I didn’t have a UAE driving license, I obviously couldn’t drive a vehicle there. But I thoroughly enjoyed being carried around the whole city. I could relax and stare at the sky scrappers and enjoy the view around which normally I don’t when I am driving. So I have decided, ditch driving when on vacation!

The Monday morning when I came back to Pune after the overnight flight, I decided to ditch my bike and instead used UBER to commute to the office to catch some sleep and not stress myself more.


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  1. Rushi I’m experimenting with public transport local and bus(better) these days to travel to Chinchwad, found it to be much cheaper and better way to commute

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