Day 7: Thekkady to Munnar (100 km)

<< Day 6: Kollam To Thekkady (160 km)

As you must have guessed from the title, today’s day was meant to be relaxed riding and covering only 100 km. So we began our day by visiting the Periyar National Park.

Initially, I was quite reluctant of the idea as all I wanted to do was ride the whole day, but Shohrat somehow convinced me to get down from the bike and take a walk inside the park. We had our luggage mounted on the bike so Shohrat stayed back  (he had visited it during his last family trip) and I went alone inside. The sight was quite usual, the park was full of tourists and I felt a bit alien when people started staring at me. The reason was quite obvious, I was walking inside the park with the riding suit and sweating like a pig.

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I somehow gathered the courage and walked towards the Periyar lake, clicked a couple of photos and straight away walked back. This whole activity felt like an exercise that I was doing to please Shohrat who was hellbent to sent me in.  However, when I think about it now, I laugh at it and I am thankful to him. It is a place that I will surely visit again sometime but without the riding gear for sure and may early in the morning before it gets crowded!

It was a relief when I got on the bike as the air started circulating in the jacket as we started riding. For the rest the day, we kept picking up some trail off road around the tea plantation and rode deep till we either reached a place with a breathtaking view or till we realized that we too rode deep inside and it was time to head back.  At the breathtaking view, we clicked pictures and then sat there to soak in nature to our heart content. The more I visited these beautiful places, the more I started hating the concrete jungle that we had to go back to.

The muddy rock felt more comfortable than the cushiony office seat or the big sofa at home. The air and water felt fresher than the AC and the multistage RO purifier repectively, and the view felt more soothing than the changing wallpaper on the desktop.

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