Review: Hero Maestro Edge

It is just 20 days into the new year (2017) and I have already completed one trip to Goa, courtesy my friend Vikram for his destination wedding. This time, I didn’t have much time to explore Goa on a bike, rather I (and Ankit) were going to travel with our luggage after the ‘sponsored’ stay at the resort was over. So we made up our mind to hire a popular mopped-scooter, however we were surprised when a Hero Maestro Edge was handed over to us.

After riding it for a day, both us agreed that Hero Maestro Edge’s over its competion.

1. The multi-functional key and lock system:

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The first thing that straight away won our hearts was how the key and the lock works. You can open the under seat boot without the need of removing the key from the lock. Same is the case with the fuel cap which is conveniently placed behind the seat and above the tail lamp. And this system works flawlessly. Though we didn’t require much of re-fulling but every time we stopped, it was convenient to open the boot to keep the helmet. And there is also a boot light and a phone charger, very thoughtful of Hero!

2. The bigger front wheel and the telescopic suspension:

The bigger front wheel inspires confidence while riding. I didn’t have scary moments while going over a wet patch or on an uneven surface which I normally have while riding other scooters.

The front suspension on Maestro is same as that on a motorcycle. The telescopic shock absorbers work well on our potholed roads passing very less shock onto the handlebar and provides a good feedback. Unlike that of other scooters that have the spring loaded hydraulic mechanism which gives the weird shaky feedback when front brakes are applied. Even the rear suspension worked well, nicely absorbing the bumps.

3. The seat and the handle height:

I loved the seat during both the times, while I was riding and while I was seating behind when Ankit was riding. The seat has very good cushioning. The seat height is good and should work for a large group of people with varied heights. The handle bar is also conveniently reachable without any strain on elbows. Pillion comfort is one of the best I have ever experienced. The pillion footrest is big and comfortably placed and there is a good bum support at the rear end of the seat.

4. Mirrors: I found the mirrors quite good. Their elongated shape gives a good view of the world behind.

5. The instrument cluster:

The instrument cluster seems to be similar to those available on Hero’s  motorcycle department. It provides a lot of information but the overuse of  plastic hinders the readability of each indicator. The controls are big, easy to use and are way better than other scooters.

6. The body design: The body design is very fresh than usual scooters and I genuinely liked it. What I didn’t like is the excessive use of plastic.

7. Engine Performance: The engine performance is what one expect from a 110 cc mill. It is peppy and has enough  power to comfortably climb the hills even with luggage and a heavy pillion. Our scooter was abused by many people before, yet it was running smooth as new.


To conclude the review, I would say given a choice would I purchase Hero Maestro Edge over the currently best selling scooter from Hero’s old buddy (read Honda) ?

Of course Yes!

It does all the tasks which one expects from a modern day scooter and it does them exceptionally well.

Below is the Hero Maestro Edge commercial which does not even do 1% justice in showcasing what this scooter is capable of!

All pictures (except one) are courtesy of Hero Motocorp. (tbd) does not have any copyrights on them.

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