Day 10: Polem to Pune (524 km)

<<Day 9: Kannur to Polem (424 km)

Day 10 was going to be our 2nd last day of the trip. As per our original plan, we were supposed to spend today’s day relaxing at the Kamaxi Beach resort, but I decided to do otherwise. I was terribly homesick so I decided to ride solo to Pune while Shohrat stayed back. I think very few people would give up an extra day in Goa for going home. But for last 9 days, being away from my family had emotionally drained me. These are times when you realize the importance having somebody back home caring and waiting for you.

We had 2 route options, the first was to cross the entire Goa and then head to Pune via Amboli ghat. The 2nd was to ride through Anshi National Park. Shohrat had selected the 2nd route as it was way more scenic over the urbanized zone.

At 8 am, I left the resort and started riding towards Karwar. I had to take a left to get en route to Anshi National Park. I took my 5 hours to reach Belgaum and it was a thrilling ride. Thrilling because riding through the national park was a bit scary. As it was morning time, there were hardly any folks on the road and since it was a jungle, I didn’t expect much of traffic either. There were times when I didn’t across anybody on feet or in a vehicle for over an hour. I saw lots of Monkey’s and heard voices of animals that I couldn’t even recognize (usual for folks like me who are raised in a city). Thoughts such as, “what if my bike breaks down here” crossed my mind several times. Plus, for spares and tools, I was dependent on Shohrat who was chilling in Goa!

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The only option was to keep faith in myself and in the bike and keep moving forward. I was terribly tired after riding through the ghat sections and felt relieved as Belgaum approached. I had quick lunch a Belgaum and then was back on the road on to NH48. After have ridden on the twisties all throughout the morning, NH48 came like a breath of fresh air. With speed averaging around 90, I reached Kolhapur by early evening and stopped at McDonald’s.


After a quick meal, I got back on the road feeling a bit nostalgic thinking about the excitement on the first day of the ride. As Khed-Shivapur approached, I got busy dealing with road rash and tackling the idiots on the road. This experience was entirely different than what I felt in last 9 days. In the last 9 days, the drivers in the southern state noticed us, treated us with respect and made way for us on their road, unlike the folks near outskirts of Pune who didn’t even bother to consider me on the road.

By 7, I reached home, happy to see my family, super content to have achieved the feat, with terribly stinking riding gear that needed a thorough wash and memories that will last for a lifetime.


I thank you for spending a little time out of your day and readding this experience of mine and I encourage you to take on the adventure that you have always dreamt and thought of. As they say,

You live only once, but if you do it right, once is enough!



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