Day 8: Munnar to Kannur (366 km)

<<Day 7: Thekkady to Munnar

Day 8 was a Sunday. Hence most of the folks in Kerala were busy in their weekly prayers at the church. This helped us to carry good speed while crossing the cities. The highways in Kerala pass through the heart of each adjacent city, hence the general time and distance calculation completely fails when traveling through this state. With 366 km to cover before we reach Kannur, both of us had decided to keep riding without too many leisure breaks.

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The road was in good condition and we had covered quite a bit distance in the first half of the day. As mentioned earlier, this was the 8th day for us out on the road. Though Shohrat has done such trips in his Scorpio before, on the bike it was the first time for both us. For me, I am ashamed to confess that it was the first time I had availed a complete off from office (and work) for a whole week! I thoroughly enjoyed this time which was different than the last 7 years of my life. All day riding with only aim to reach a new destination. This puts your mind into a meditative state, wherein you get a chance to sort out ideas and thoughts which never get enough attention from us. This is the time to revisit them, and either discard them or put them into the mainstream by creating an action plan for them.

Also, the thought of getting up next day and riding on open highways was a dream come true. We lived this dream of past 7 days and we had 2 more days to live it before we surrendered ourselves to the usual daily grind. The bright side of the return journey was that every day we were riding close to our homes, where our dear family members were waiting for us. Our safety was the biggest concern for them. A few of them were still wondering, why were we doing this?

By 6 pm, we reached our hotel at Kannur which was on the NH66 highway itself. We quickly unpacked and decided to take a nap before dinner. We woke to loud music that was being played in the adjacent party hall. The party hall was hosting a wedding reception and the music was played by the DJ to welcome the guests. We couldn’t do much as we knew that the hotel owner was making tons of money from that function as against the few bucks from us. After riding in quite and scenic jungles roads for past few days, the city shor seemed to be too much of a nuisance now. After early dinner, we hit our beds again and sleep came after much effort. Next day’s destination was Goa, 428 km away!




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