Day 9 : Kannur to Polem (424 km)

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Day 9 of the ride started even before the dawn. With 424 km to cover, Shohrat mentioned that he wanted to reach Goa before the sunset. The road till we exited Kerala was same as I have discussed before. The highway passes through the center of each adjacent city, hence starting before dawn, we had the advantage of less traffic on the road. But that also meant sharing the road with drivers which were at a risk of falling asleep. Dawn is the peak time for drivers to fall asleep after their long night drive.  Hence we were on super alert to spot such drivers.


As soon as we entered Karnataka, we had a big smile on our face as we knew that quality of the roads throughout here is impressive. Plus we were riding on the road that was more or less running parallel to the sea coast. However, that meant the humidity was at the peak and I was profoundly sweating. At a few stretches, the expansion of highway into 6 lanes on each side was in progress. That meant there were no trees and no shadow to cool us off.

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For lunch, we stopped at justa’s turtle bay resort and what initially looked like a quick lunch turned out to be a leisure lunch by the sea. The location of the resort is perfect and it has its own private beach. Here we meet a couple from Scotland, who travel to India every year to soak some sun and to discover new places. They shared their trekking experiences in Kerala that completely surprised us. After 2 hours lunch break, we were back on road darting towards Goa in hope of reaching before the Sunset.

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At Karwar, I couldn’t resist to stop and click the INS chappal that is now a small museum.

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As soon as we entered Goa, the first thing we did was, tank up! We reached our stay for the night at Kamaxi Beach Resort. This resort is like your private beach resort in Goa, though the service-vise the folks here are a bit slow, in terms of cost, the amenities inside the beach facing cottage are very good.

After we unpacked, we ordered some hot snacks and enjoyed the sun calling it off for the day!

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