Review : Motul 7100 4T 10W40 – Oil for the serious tourer

After being thoroughly impressed by Motul’s Ester based semi-synthetic 5100 10w30, I decided to try the Motul’s Fully Synthetic 7100  10w40 which costs approx. 800/-, that is 300 extra.  After approximately 3500 km that included 550 km one day trip, 1800 km 4 days trip and usual office commute on weekdays, here are my thoughts about 7100.

As I mentioned before, this is a fully synthetic oil. If you want to know about various types of oils, I recommend you to watch this video from Motorcyclist Magzine’s MC garage.

I had loved my time with 5100 and hence switching to 7100 meant it had the to face the burden of expectations considering the technology behind it and the premium price tag.

Engine Refinement

Similar to the stock oil, even 7100 required the bike to run at least a few kilometer every morning before I could feel the smoothness. This is very unlike that of 5100 which made its presence felt quick. 7100 felt same as the stock oil during city commutes.

On highways, the 7100 was a different story! The engine felt stress-free throughout the rpm range. I rode for 810 km for 24 hours one day, and the engine felt at ease at all the times on the highway.

Clutch and Gear functioning

The gear shifts felt definite and with minimum pressure required on gear lever which is expected from Motul. However, when compared to 5100, the gear shifts with 7100 felt too mechanical, in sense, on every gear shift I could clearly hear the metals parts (cogs) inside moving and engaging. This is a personal choice, as some would appreciate this nature as it gives the confidence that the gear lever has done its job thoroughly.

For me, however, I felt it a bit annoying and scary. I prefer the cogs inside move making minimum noise.

Again, on open highways, where you change gears to overtake or to climb a hill, 7100 felt great.

Acceleration and High Speed.

Only on open roads, the engines revs smoothly on each gear which certainly brings a smile on your face. Not only that, if you keep revving (which happens quite effortlessly with 7100) soon you will find the needle on 3 digits speed without much strain on the engine.


If 70% of your total kilometers come from city commute then you better stick to 5100. (I have already reviewed it here and it is available on Amazon here)

But you are somebody who does a lot of highway trips, then 7100 is worth the money spent! Also, if you are planning to take a multiday road trip, then 7100 should be seriously considered as part of your plan:)

Motul 7100 10w40 costs: 575 /- at Amazon

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