Thank you for using public transport!

My sincere salute to all the folks who use public transport for their commute rather using their private vehicles. When I say public, I not only mean government run transport services, but also private players like office buses and cab services, Ola-share\ Uber-pool, etc.

As per 2-wheeler sales report (Source: NDTV Auto), India has surpassed China to claim the number 1 spot for the most number of 2-wheelers sold in a country. I guess picture won’t be much different for 4-wheelers too. Unfortunately, same is the not the case with our roads. The number of roads has remained more or less the same, while the number of vehicles demanding space have surely risen to an alarming level. So much so that, your fancy new powerful vehicle has no option but to crawl in the bumper to bumper traffic.

People who use public transport are certainly real life ‘Heroes’. Using public transport in India is far from a good experience. Yet those who deal with it daily have a great commitment and will power. Because of such heroes, folks like me, who ride\drive their vehicle everywhere get a chance to do so. We certainly owe a lot to you guys.




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