First ride reviews v/s Ownership reviews

Biking community in India is expanding with leaps and bounds. This community consists of varied souls, the 150cc commuter folks, the Bullet Gangs, the Orange Racers and the super bike and super expensive cruisers to name a few. Most of the well-known motorcycle brands in the world have taken a note of this have either altered their product to suit Indian market or have partnered with Indian brands to develop products specific to motorcycle enthusiasts here.

This means a lot of business to many people, auto-journalists and media houses are few of them. Almost every media house, news channel have weekly Auto shows, monthly magazines, and weekly blog articles that provide us with the reviews of new motorcycles with their expert advice. Thanks to these guys, we have a lot of information from many perspectives available to us understand and to help to make a decision.

Every six months or so, I get this urge of buying a new (expensive) motorcycle and then a lot of my time goes in drooling over the internet reading the “First Ride Reviews” about the new bikes. Given the skills of the writers or video creators, your spirits are elevated making you believe that purchasing ‘that’ bike is going to change your life forever. It is only after couple days into ownership that you realize that your life has changed, but not for good.

Why so? Let me explain you. The media houses who write the “First Ride Reviews” ride the bike for a short tenure with a deadline to hand over the “media bike” back to the manufacturer where it needs to pass on to next media house for a review. So essentially, the manufacturers lend their “media bikes” to the media house so that they can create content available for masses to consume and get excited. In this state of excitement, folks go and buy these bikes, hence the making great initial booking and sales.

And then when the owners use the bikes for couple months, ride them daily for many hours and when they experience the horrible after sales services, expensive spare parts is where the excitement sometimes turns into a nightmare. This leads to a frustration which is certainly not what was portrayed in the “First Ride Review”.

This is where the “Ownership Reviews” comes into the picture. I strongly suggest that you guys should wait for at least six months after a motorcycle is launched. Mean time while consuming the “First Ride Review” keep an eye on “Ownership Review” available at individual blogs, Xbhp and Teambhp etc to understand the after sales experience of the folks who have purchased it.

I have come to this realization that putting down the hard earned money or opting for a loan is relatively easy, but the horrific after sales & service experience or the dealing with the manufacturing defects is what makes life difficult!

Happy Riding!

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