Treat your bike with a highway ride!

Most of us purchase a 150cc bike as our first bike these days. After the initial excitement dies off, the use of this bike limits to weekdays commutes to the office. Considering the horrific traffic scene (which is getting worst day by day) our bike crawls in first few gears. We completely forget about the existence of the top gear and the speedo needle never rises above 70kmph, 100kmph becomes a distant dream. This means that we use only 60-70% of the bike’s engine capacity. If you own a higher cc bike then the usage is probably less than 50%.

Thinking about the time that we spent on research, the sacrifices we do to save money or the loan that you availed; add to these, the insurance cost and servicing cost. We are losing too much and gaining nothing right?

A ship is safe in harbor, but that is not what it is built for!

Similar to ships, our powerful bikes were made and we bought them to ride on open roads, to feel the torque of the engine, to experience the wind therapy and to ride to beautiful places that are far far away from the concrete jungle.

Our bikes suffer in the city like we do the mundane task at our workplace. Like us, our bikes are over qualified just for the weekday commute. They need to be ridden on highways, the Ghat- curves or off-roads, you will be surprised to learn the personality of the bike that you had either forgotten or never experienced before.

The icing on the cake is you get to be one with nature, away from the urban madness. We are blessed that our country gives us chance to experience a variety of terrains, different regions with varied food, people, and roads. There cannot be a better companion, an enabler other that our bike for us to experience all of the above.

If a multi day trip is not possible, early morning Saturday or Sunday can serve us well to explore the outskirts or neighbouring villages still leaving the rest of the day for other commitments.

We just have one life, one life to live, one life to see the world as much as we can. The weekend is around the corner, make a plan and treat your beloved bike a highway ride! She deserves one!

Riding bike is injurious to health. Always wear a helmet or better ATGATT (All The Gear, All The Time)

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