5 reasons why every rider should wear a helmet

1. The Safety Even if you are a school dropout you would probably know this. “A helmet will save your life if you meet with an accident”. However, if you think a helmet ALONE can save your life in an accident then you better quit riding 2 wheels right away. Wearing a helmet just adds […]

2 Wheels: Your gateway to freedom.

Learning to ride a cycle is a big milestone in everyone’s childhood and owning one was the greatest possession then. Cycle certainly is the first set of 2 wheels that help us to explore the city. Besides the daily trips between school, classes and back home; it becomes the integral part of your freedom to […]

Don’t follow….blindly!

You are riding behind a cab on your 2 wheeler, as always in a hurry. You are waiting for an opportunity to overtake the cabbie. Then suddenly the cab makes a sharp adjustment on the road surprising you. And you are like WHAT THE…….even before you utter F, the front wheel of your ride is […]